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Feature Article(s)

Why... Arteries Fail
by Eddie Vos (Material Sciences Engineer)
"The Master Corrosive: Homo-Cysteine"

Aspirin & Heart Attacks
by Duane Graveline, MD MPH ~ Dr Graveline discusses low dose aspirin (81 mg) for primary and seconday prevention.

Blood Pressure Drugs ~ Weston A Price Foundation
by William Campbell Douglass, MD ~ Everything your ever wanted to know about Blood Pressure Drugs... and How to Avoid Them.

High Blood Pressure ~ Connecticut Center for Health
Symptoms, causes, treatment (both conventional and Alternative)

Heart Related Articles

Cardiomyopathy Caused By Cholesterol Drugs?
Title: Statin-Induced Cardiomyopathy ~ Author: Dr. Peter H. Langsjoen ~ Source: Introduction to the Public Citizen's petition [5/24/02] on statins, asking that this drug-nutrient interaction be stated in a black box warning on statin drug inserts. Dated: July 8, 2002

Congestive Heart Failure ~ Excellent resource for heart failure patients; Site has 6 distinct main parts: "The Manual" [first big step to finding your answers. Read it!], Heart Failure FAQ, Heart Info Pages, Interactive/Personal Experiences, Alternative/Supplements, Low-Sodium Cooking, Etc., Heart Transplant

Inflammation, Heart Disease & Stroke: The Role of C-Reactive Protein
C-reactive protein (CRP) is one of the acute phase proteins that increase during systemic inflammation. It’s been suggested that testing CRP levels in the blood may be a new way to assess cardiovascular disease risk. Source: American Heart Assoc.

Myopathy With Normal Creatine Kinase Levels [Statin Associated]
Muscle symptoms in patients who are treated with statins and have normal creatine kinase levels are not well understood. [4 patient study] -
Article by Dr. Paul Phillips at ~ Dated Oct 1, 2002

Nutrient Stew ~  Many informative articles, including articles on Congestive Heart Failure (linked to the website); most written in easily understood language.

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